is currently still unavailable due to our disagreements with Blogger. We have tried to determine if Blogger have deleted our files or if we can retrieve and archive them for republishing. So far, we have had no reponse from Blogger to our questions.

SOCIAL MEDIA: In the meantime, for news and more, please check the News page at, Brent's Twitter Account, his Instagram Account, and his Facebook Account  (and a second  Facebook Account, in case the main one is deleted for some reason) .

ONLYFANS: Check out Brent's OnlyFans account. It gets new content almost every day - pictures, short video clips and videos from the website.  The monthly subscription is only US$9.95.

These are the only REAL Brent Everett social media accounts. Any others you come across are unauthorized, no matter how real they look. Also, we were recently made aware of a SCAM website that was trying to fool people to pay for subscriptions that did not go through CCBill or Zombaio. This scam website has been blocked by the hosting company where it had been uploaded. But it means other scam sites could exist.  So, please make sure that you are on "" before you sign up for anything!
Also, we've had word that there may be guys on some dating apps that are using my name to try to scam people out of money using my name. Don't fall for that. For 1-on-1 Skype shows, the way to contact Brent is on the homepage.

Thanks everyone.