1. NAME:  Brent Everett
      OCCUPATION:  Porn Star, Entrepreneur
      LOCATION:  California & British Columbia
      DOB:  February 10th, 1984
      SIGN:  Aquarius
      GOOD TRAITS:  Goal-oriented, Kind, Loving, Cock
      BAD TRAITS:  Shy (but getting better), Procrastinator (a lot, unless someone really pushes me!)
      STATUS:  Married
      HEIGHT:  5' 7"  (1.70m)
      WEIGHT:  145 lbs  (66 kg)
      HAIR/EYE COLOR:  Brown
      BUILD:  Lean, Muscular, Athletic
      BODY HAIR:  Naturally Hairless Chest & Butt
      SEXUAL ORIENTATION:  Gay (of course)
      ENDOWMENT:  8.5" (21.5 cm), Circumsized
      POSITION:  Versatile, More Top in Videos
      SEXUAL TURN ONS:  Fit Bodies, Good Kissers, Jocks
      SEXUAL TURN OFFS:  Bad Hygiene, Sloppy Kissers
      INTERESTS:  My Website, Making Movies,  Going to the Beach and to the Movies, Hanging Out with Friends, Swimming & Working Out, and, of course, HOT SWEATY SEX

Well, where to start? My name is Brent ... I am a male porn star. (OK, I'll skip the stuff you probably know already - lol.) I started out in porn at 18 with my first ever boyfriend. I basically started it just for the kicks. I never imagined making a career out of it, that's for sure!

I started out working for small companies because I didn't think I was "Big Studio" material. After doing a few scenes, I began to be recognized, and people kept pushing me to try and work with the best studios and directors like Falcon Studios, Chi Chi LaRue, Studio 2000 and the like. Now here I am!

I took 2005 off to start my own production company and website. In 2006, I released my own first movie, "Wantin' More", which is still available through my online store BuyBrent.com. At the end of 2006, I began to divide my time between my Canadian home and sunny California to be able to spend more time with my boyfriend and fiancé, Steve.

On October 3, 2008, Steve and I got married in San Diego surrounded by both our families and many friends.

In 2010 I signed as an exclusive model for C1R and I'm now in the process of totally revamping this site! Now more than ever we like to get down and dirty on camera together with me and my models!

I really hope you enjoy my website, and I look forward to meeting you on my next live webcam and chat. :)

- Brent Everett




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Cock Trap - Channel 1 Releasing - "best pornstar & newcomer of the year" Brent Everett & Riley Price

Brother Fucker - Channel 1 Releasing - Trendy award winner!!! - Best 3way sex scene "Brent Everett & Russo

Some things Cum Up! - Channel 1 Releasing - Brent making a rare Bottoming performance

Fuck U - Channel 1 Releasing - Cybersocket Award Winner!!! Movie of the year!

Brent Everett Is Wetter Than Ever - Channel 1 Releasing

Grand Slam: Little big league 4 - Channel 1 Releasing - Grabby Award Winner!!! Best Actor "Brent Everett" & Best supporting actor non-sexual role "Howard"

Tender Teens - Channel 1 Releasing

Wantin' More - BrentEverett.com

Sized Up - Channel 1 Releasing - Directed by ChiChi LaRue

Rascal Superstar Series 'Brent Everett' - Channel 1 Releasing - Directed by ChiChi LaRue

Super Soaked - Falcon Studios - Directed by ChiChi LaRue

Starting Young 2 - Channel 1 Releasing - Directed by ChiChi LaRue

Wicked (2005) Channel 1 Releasing - Directed by ChiChi LaRue

Lookin for Trouble - Channel 1 Releasing - Directed by Doug Jefferies

Little Big League - Channel 1 Releasing - Directed by Doug Jefferies

Little Big League 2: 2nd Inning - Channel 1 Releasing - Directed by Doug Jefferies

Vancouver Nights - Fierce Dog (non porn role)

Boyland - All Worlds Wideo

My Overstuffed Jeans - Catalina Video

Cruising It - Studio 2000

Schoolboy Crush - featuring Brent Everett & Brent Corrigan


Awards & Accomplishments

Winner: Cybersocket - Surfers Choice : Best Pornstar 2012

Winner: Grabby Award - Performer of the Year 2011

Winner: Grabby Award - Best Actor (Non sexual Role) 2011

Winner: TLA Gay - Performer of the Year 2011

Winner: Trendy Award - Best 3way : Brent Everett & Russo Twins

Winner: Trendy Award - Triendiest Self Promoter: Cut (2011)

Winner: Trendy Award - Best Cock : Cut (2011)

Winner: Gayvn Award - Fan Favorite 2010

Winner: Gayvn Award - Best pornstar website(2010)

Winner: Cybersocket - Movie of the Year : Fuck U (Channel 1) (2011)

Winner: JRL Award - Best gay pornsite (2010)

Nominated: Gayvn Award - Web performer of the year (2010)

Winner: Cybersocket Web Award - Best Live XXX Show (2009)

Nominated: Cybersocket Web Award - Best Pornstar (2010)

Nominated: Cybersocket Web Award - Best Porn Blog (2010)

Nominated: Cybersocket Web Award - Best Amateur Video Site (2010)

Nominated: Cybersocket Web Award - Best Pornstar Website (2009)

Winner: International Pornstar of the Year - Under 27 (2008)

Voted #1: Top 10 men in porn - JasonCurious.com (2007 & 2008)

Nominated: GAYVN Awards - Best Sex Comedy: Little Big League 2 (2007)

Voted #1: Top 5 men in porn - PornConfidential (2007 & 2008)

2005 Nominated: GAYVN Awards - Best Sex Scene: SuperSoaked

Winner: Freshmen Magazine - Freshmen of the Year (2006)

Nominated: GRABBY Awards - Best Duo Sex Scene: SuperSoaked (2006)

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Brent Everett
Brent Everett Media
310-777 Royal Oak Drive
P.O. Box 53559
Victoria, BC V8X 5K2


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