Frequently Asked Questions

What payment options does the site provide? Are all my transactions secure?

We offer a wide range of payment options including the major credit cards with CCBill, the best-known billing company.

All transactions are encrypted for total security. We never see any of your financial information.

I forgot my password and/or username. How do I retrieve my login information?

If you forgot your password and/or username to the site please go to the CCBill or Zombaio Customer Support Centers.

Please read the Social Media Page about information concerning ZOMBAIO.

How do I cancel or edit my membership with

To make changes to or cancel your membership, please contact the CCBill or Zombaio Customer Support Centers.

Please read the Social Media Page about information concerning ZOMBAIO.

I'm a member, but I can't login. What's wrong?

1 - If you're experiencing login problems, please re-confirm your username and password by going to the CCBill or Zombaio Customer Support Centers.

Also, remember everything you have to enter to login to the site is case-sensitive.

3 - To assist us with any possible further troubleshooting, please provide us with the following information: the date you subscribed, the email address you used to subscribe, and the username and password you chose.

4 - Write to us at


Does Brent offer escort services or one-on-one Skype shows?

No, he does not.

What video format and bitrates do you use on the website?

Beginning in early 2008, we started using High Definition equipment to prduce our videos. Please look at the Site Requirements for the specifications your computer must meet to play these files.

Of course, we'll continue to provide Standard Definition wmv files, in (sometimes) three bitrates - High (1536kbps), Medium (800 or 768kbps), and Lower (400 or 256kbps), which is meant for anyone using a dialup connection. We'll also add files in MP4 formats.


The images of the image galleries are quite small in my browser. Is there a way to see them at full size?

Yes, there is. To view gallery images at full size, right-click on a gallery after it opens and choose "Go Full Screen". To return to your browser, press the "Esc" key on your keyboard. The current gallery program in use will automatically re-size images based on the size of your browser.

Why do I get interruptions, buffering, black screens, etc. when I watch a video online or a live webcam show?

First of all, make sure you are viewing videos in the bitrate/quality level that's appropriate for your internet connection speed.

Secondly, even with high speed internet connections, both Cable and DSL, the available bandwidth for any individual user will vary throughout the day, depending upon how many people are using the internet at any given time. In addition, the number of members accessing our website may be higher than usual, which may cause a slowdown.

And lastly, and this may get more serious in the future, some ISPs in the US and Canada actually restrict bandwidth availability to certain areas at certain times because their aging infrastructure can't keep up with the rapidly growing demand due to music and video downloads (now that broadcasters are making their programs available online).

This is called traffic shaping and delays some transmissions to even out demand on a network. This appears to apply more to DSL providers than cable.

I've sent an email and was asked for verification. Is this a scam?

No, it isn't. We've recently had to enable a spam trapper program called BoxTrapper (provided by our hosting company) on some of our email addresses because of a great increase in spam. You may therefore be asked to respond to your email to us by sending a verification email. The text of the email you'll receive is as follows:

"The message you sent to requires that you verify that you are a real live human being and not a spam source. We regret having to ask you to take this additional step but the amount of spam email we are receiving is going through the roof. The verification program we are using is called BoxTrapper. It is part of our web hosting company's service.

To complete this verification process, simply reply to this message and leave the subject line intact. You don't have to add any text, just click on reply.

If you're worried that this email might be a scam, go to and check the Help or FAQ pages for an explanation of this verification email."

This messge is not a scam and you'll receive it only once. After that your email address is placed on a "white list" and all future emails from you will be delivered without the need for verification. We apologize for having to put you through this extra step.


I have some great ideas about what I like to see Brent doing during his webcam shows. May I email them to him?

Yes, of course. If Brent feels comfortable about your suggestion, he'll consider it. Also, if you have ideas about different formats for the webcam shows (like, for example, Brent's Strip Bingos, please email Brent

Is the website compatible with Mac computers?

Yes - Please see Site Requirements for more information.

When I press play on the Windows Media Player the player says error/or ready and the video doesn't play. How do I fix this?

Ensure that Windows Media Player is properly downloaded and working on your computer. If necessary, try disabling any cookie restricting software such as a firewall and/or anti-virus that you may have on your computer. Then delete cookies, refresh your internet browser and press play.

Some members have also reported that Norton Internet Security will not let videos play that are activated by clicking on thumbnails. This applies to older videos only.

When I go to the Blog and click on the "I understand and I wish to continue" button in Internet Explorer, nothing happens. What's wrong?

Nothing's wrong. IE is just being super-safe. You need to give  permission to be accessed by IE. Go to the IE toolbar and click on Tools/Internet Options/Security.

Select "Trusted Sites" and click on "Sites". Once there, add both and, click "close" and "OK", and you're done.

I sent a model application and haven't received a reply. Does this mean I'm not what you are looking for?

No. Unfortunately we can't reply to all our modeling applications. We receive your application and put you on file. We will then contact you when we have a project that we feel suits you.

How can I get Brent to visit my town?

I've received a few enquiries regarding how to get me to come to a member's town for an appearance. I thought I should make a little posting about how you could help me to get there if you really want to meet me.

My advice would be to call your local clubs and/or gay adult stores and suggest booking me to make a personal appearance there. Also, suggest doing something in conjunction with another gay business to keep costs down. All they need to do is go to the Help page to contact me, or e-mail Steve Peňa at for bookings.

The last and most important thing is to make sure you give them your name and phone number and tell them to mention that you referred me... I will give them a discount and you will receive a backstage pass to hang out with me ALL NIGHT while I am there, along with some free goodies!

- Brent

The Windows Media Player stops playing a video, I get a black or green screen, or a red "x", or the video is stuttering or flickering. How can I fix this?

Make sure you have the most recent drivers for your video card and the most recent version of DirectX from the Windows Update page.

If that doesn't fix your problem, turn down (or turn off) video acceleration. Go to the Options dialog box in Windows Media Player and look for the video acceleration option on the Performance tab.

During a live webcam show the streaming video keeps pausing, distorting and/or buffering frequently. How do I resolve this problem?

The live video feed is broadcasting at approximately 350kbps, so if you are using dialup internet access you will experience pausing and/or buffering. Make sure that you have all the proper software mentioned in the Site Requirements installed on your computer .

You can try disabling all cookie restricting software such as a firewall and/or anti-virus that you may have on your computer. Also try closing any unimportant software running on your desktop as they are using RAM and slowing down the computer.

Streaming problems may also be caused by congestion on the internet.

Does Brent really answer my emails himself?

Yes he does. You can email Brent directly at

I emailed Brent two days ago & I still haven't received a response. Why?

Unfortunately, due to the great number of emails Brent receives there might be a delay in his response time. Usually all mail is answered within 72 hours, but sometimes it can take up to five days. Please be patient.

Please see the Site Requirements page or send us an email for more information on any other issues.

Click here for the Site Requirements Page.



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