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NEW VIDEO: An Epic Caribbean Fuck, Pt I - Oral (HD)

A few months ago, when I was still in the Caribbean, Cory and Jared of visited me and we shot a long hot video for you. Today's video is the first part, the oral one. The second part, the fucking one, will follow in a few days. Hope you enjoy it, lol.                 Added: June 17, 2019

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A Mountain Interview (HD)

So here I am in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, just north of Seattle. An Italian fan had asked me to answer a number of questions during this video. It took me a while to figure out just how to do it and do "the other thing" at the same time. I think it worked out rather well. Don't you?

"Talking" with an Oklahoma Fan (HD)

In Victoria, still trying to decide whether to settle here or in Vancouver rather than live in Toronto, with a few months each year in the Turks & Caicos Islands. But today, I'm having a "conversation" with an American fan in Oklahoma that ends quite spectacularly. Take a look...


Many of you have asked for this, so I'm finally giving in. Because some of you can't make my live xxx webcam shows, I'm now offering you private ONE-ON-ONE SKYPE shows as well.

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Brent, Cade & the Fleshjack

ICYMI: This time I'm together with Cade Rivers. I was getting ready to visit my family in the Caribbean. So Cade and I decided to try out a Fleshjack. Well, we both got turned on so much by that (and by each other), that we both shot tons of cum! Yummy...

 Lights, Colors and Brent   (HD)

ICYMI: For this webcam I was able to build a wall of color - you know how I love to paint, sculpt and construct things. Well, as you'll see I managed to come up with an ever-changing color design. Also, I decided to raffle off a cum towel to one of the members present at the show. ;-)

Body Painting?  (HD)

ICYMI: Or should that be "Bawdy Painting"? As Brent was packing to move from Calgary to Toronto a few years ago, he wanted to show you his latest paintings and demonstrate a new technique for body painting. He finished the painting in a more conventional way off- camera.


Eric Takes it up a Notch

Brandon Wilde visits Brent

Brent with Friends



Cade Rivers

Kayden Hart