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New Video: Barcelona, Spain, Behind The Scenes  (HD)

Last fall Brent & Steve appeared at the Hustlaball in Berlin and right after that went to Barcelona, Spain, for a gig and to co-produce three more scenes with which are already on our site. This video is a "behind-the-scenes" record of the club gig and of some of the three shoots. You can see what club gigs are like in Europe and what happens during a shoot. :-P

Added:  August 16, 2016

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Things that happen in Cancun, Pt II  (HD)

This is Part Two of the trip to Cancun. When you're having fun all day and night, you have to take a shower now and then. So here I am before heading to the airport and back to Toronto. Steve and Jayson, of course, are heading back to DC. Hopefully, we'll all be together again soon.

Things that happen in Cancun, Pt I  (HD)

At the end of May I went to Cancun, Mexico, together with Steve & Jayson. And we had a blast! So I thought I'd share a bit of that with you. In Part 1 of 2, I'm on the balcony, a bit nervous, because we're not supposed to be using cameras overlooking the beach.

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Sunday Afternoon with Jessie Lee (HD)

You met Jessie Lee at his first live webcam show a few weeks ago. He was a very popular addition to our family. So, Steve brought him back as soon as he could. Jessie is super physically fit and treated us all to a move during the show that's a first for the site. Check it (and him) out. :-P

Brent visits Guatemala City  (HD)

A while ago, Brent & Steve made a return visit to Guatemala City to perform at the Black & White Club and this is a record of that gig. But Brent was still feeling horny so he decided to shoot a second scene in their hotel room. The third part of the video is an interview he did while there.


The Michael Hoffman Videos

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