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New Video: Wantin' More, Scene Two

This is the second scene from Wantin' More, Brent heads for his favorite sporting goods store to pick up a pair of running shoes. He gets side-tracked by the sales person who prefers him without any clothes at all. They get interrupted by a super-horny twink who wants them more than one after the other and takes them both at each end of his body. What more could anyone want, eh?

Added: July 20, 2014

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Wantin' More, Scene One

This is the first scene of Wantin' More, Brent's own first DVD production from 2005. We're going to post the scenes from Wantin' More here so that all members can enjoy them. When you compare this scene to the webcams of that time, you'll see just how much things have changed since 2005/6.

Packing up for Toronto  (HD)

A last webcam show from Calgary before Brent's move to Toronto just in time to take in the end of the week-long World Pride Festival. You can see he's surrounded by boxes and packing materials and sports a small bandaid. Other than that it's business as usual, lol, except for the selfie. ;-)

Brent, Steve and Food?  (HD)

In April, Steve came to visit me in Calgary. This is an edited version of my webcam show from that visit. I don't really like it and wasn't going to put it up due to some problems we had. But many of the members who were there have asked for it, so here it is. I hope you won't be disappointed. ;-)

Brent & Steve

Brent & Urijah

Brent & Russell Ryan


Cade Rivers

Kayden Hart