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NEW VIDEO: Shipwreck Adventure, Part 2 (HD)

Last summer, when Brandon Wilde and I were in the Caribbean, we shot a few videos. This is Part 2 of the shoot on the shipwreck that we used for a shoot a few years ago. Here's where you see what we did after the tourists from Part 1 (see below) left us alone. I'm pretty sure you know what happened even if you didn't look at the picture first, lol.

Added: October 14, 2019

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Caribbean Shipwreck Adventure, Part 1 (HD)

Last summer, Brandon Wilde and I were in the Caribbean and shot a few videos. This is Part 1 of a shoot on the shipwreck that we used for a shoot a few years ago. This first part was interrupted by a group of tourists who came out to take a look. Teaser: near the end you'll see a first for the site...

Austin & Brent, In the Woods - Angle 2 (HD)

This is the final video of me and Austin Wolf "doing it" in the woods near Victoria, BC, last June. Isn't it amazing how time flies past? From this final angle you'll see a few things that were hard to make out from the other angles. Of course, for Austin and me that didn't make any difference, lol.


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Austin & Brent, In the Woods - Angle 4 (HD)

All sorts of things can happen in the woods surrounding Victoria, BC. Austin Wolf and I spent some time there shooting videos when he visited me this summer. Fortunately, mosquitoes are not a problem around here, so we could concentrate on the important things, lol.

 Austin & Brent, In the Hot Tub - Angle 2 (HD)

Here's the second (and final) video of the Hot Tub series I shot together with Austin Wolf in Victoria recently. As you already know, we tried something a bit different with these videos, you get to see them complete but shot from different viewpoints. There are a few more to come soon.

Parking Garage Happening (HD)

All sorts of things happen in Victoria's parking garages when Austin Wolf (@AustinWolfPack) and I were shooting videos there a little while ago. This is what happened once when we both got really horny. We had to do it very quickly because the garage wasn't exactly without customers, lol.


Eric Takes it up a Notch

Brandon Wilde visits Brent

Brent with Friends



Cade Rivers

Kayden Hart