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New Video: In a Caribbean Bedroom  (HD)

This edited live webcam show is from near the end of Brent's last visit to his parents. It's a bit longer than usual because in answering some questions from the participants, he talked a bit about what inspires him when he paints. We decided to keep this first 10 minute segment because many members love his art work. Following that, Brent went on to..... well, you'll see. ;-)

Added:  February 26, 2017

FUCK HIM UP PART 4 (see below) is a co-production of and Check out the TRAILER here.

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Fuck Him Up Part 4   (HD)

Fuck Him Up Part 4 was shot in Barcelona, Spain, last October and  stars Tayte Hanson alongside Brent. As you'll see, it's a very hot scene. A sort of "good-bye fuck" after a break-up. If this ever happens to you, let's hope it goes down something like this.

A Real Quickie   (HD)

We shot this little video a couple of days before Steve had to fly home. It was early evening and there were people in the house, so we had to be really quiet and finish quickly. And I did, lol. The lighting is a bit dark but you'll be able to see the impotant bits. :-P  

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Looking for a place to ...  (HD)

It's a bit hard to find a place to shoot a video on a small island that gets more and more popular every winter. So I had to walk around a bit and even when I found a place I had to be a bit careful. But everything worked out just fine, with just me, my selfie stick and my imagination. ;-)

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