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New Video: Brent gets a Helping Hand

A few years ago we misplaced (or worse, erased) the HD video footage of a couple of live webcam shows. But we recently located the video captures of a few of them. Fortunately, the video quality of this one is not too bad and the action more than makes up for the missing HD footage (I think). For sure Steve and I had lots of fun doing this one. I hope you agree. :-P

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Erik meets Justin (HD)

Check out Erik Clark and Justin Dean, together for the first time! You saw how "enthusiastic" they were going solo, now get a look at them going at each other and watch the sparks fly. You'd think they were afraid of never getting enough. On the walls behind them, notice a few paintings by Brent.

Justin does Erik (HD)

The day after Erik topped Justin, we filmed Justin topping Erik. This was Justin's first time ever topping he said. But you wouldn't know that from watching him go at Erik. He performed without hesitation and as a total pro. But then again, Erik made it very easy for him to slip in and out. :-P

Introducing Justin Dean (HD)

Say "hi" to Justin Dean, our newest model. This short solo is not his audition video. The unusual thing about it is that he shot it right after filming two other scenes. So you can see how "talented" he is. I thought we'd show you this one first to give you a taste of what's to come very soon...

Brent & Steve

Brent & Urijah

Brent & Russell Ryan


Cade Rivers

Kayden Hart