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New Video: Skyping during Pride Month  (HD)

June is Pride Month in Toronto. So you can imagine I've been very busy. This was the first of the 1-on-1 Skype shows I've been doing since I came back here from the Caribbean. I've managed to squeeze in a few more since then and at least one live webcam show. I'm hoping I can do more, once the Pride season is over. Have a look. :-P

Added:  June 24, 2017

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Gabriel's Audition  (HD)

Meet Gabriel Alanzo. This hot Latino guy sent us this short audition video the other day and we'd really like to share it with you. We're hoping we can shoot a video with him soon so Gabriel and I can "interact" with each other and then have the video posted here for you all to see. I can't wait!!

 Skyping with France  (HD)  (HD)

This is one of the first 1-on-1 Skype shows I did in Toronto. I'm quite surprised by how many of you want to do these with me. Well, they also make for hot videos. I like doing these because they give me a chance to actually talk with you rather than just text. :-P

    CUM & PLAY!     

Many of you have asked for this, so I'm finally giving in. Because some of you can't make my live xxx webcam shows, I'm now offering you private ONE-ON-ONE SKYPE shows as well.

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First the Gym, then the Shower (HD)

There's a great gym in my building that I don't use often enough (I prefer to do my thing in a downtown public gym). But it was perfect this day with no one else there, so I could use the shower afterwards to catch the action. Of course, being in a (semi) public place added a little spice...

High Definition or not ...

Back in Toronto after a couple of months in the Caribbean, and I can already feel a cold coming on. Now I have to apologize to you because this video isn't in high definition. On the other hand, despite the early technical problems, I was still hot and horny...


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