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New Video: Eric takes it up a Notch (HD)

This is what happens when you eat too many cookies before and during a live webcam show. Eric was a happy, horny man on this day a few weeks ago. He wanted more, but his "camera man" couldn't or wouldn't get in on the act and there wasn't a dildo nearby. So Eric decided he needed something else to satisfy him. And guess what he found? A new use for a tv stand...

Added: March 27, 2015

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Caribbean Gym Happenings (HD)

Shooting a video like this in a gym is a bit tricky. But I managed it with Steve behind the camera and also acting as look-out. I guess the exercise and all the excitement made me a bit hornier than usual. And then, of course, Steve was there. Take a look at what happened. :-P


It's early December 2014 and I've just finished filming an episode of the upcoming TV series "I'm a Stripper". The next thing is a co-production with -Sunkissed with Luke Adams s star. He's hot, willing, and insatiable. Boy, filming this was a hot experience.

Eric Clark, Recruit? (HD)

This is Eric Clark's first live webcam show of 2015 and he and Steve decided to try out a little military theme. Of course, it doesn't last long because once the clothes are off, only the recruit hair cut remains. After that, Eric goes back to one of his favourite activities...

Brent & Steve

Brent & Urijah

Brent & Russell Ryan


Cade Rivers

Kayden Hart