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New Video: Great Art, Lousy Internet  (HD)

Summer is definitely over here and we've had rain, and fog, and snow, yuck. I decided to do this webcam at short notice, but lots of members of the site were able to participate anyway. Unfortunately, the internet last Sunday was very wonky in Toronto, cutting out several times during the day, including for a while during the live show. We kept filming anyway though and this is the result. I really needed to get off!!

Added:  December 7, 2016

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On The Beach  (HD)

Summer ended a few weeks ago in Toronto, so just before that happened Steve and I headed out to Hanlan's Point, the Clothing Optional and partly gay beach on the Toronto islands. While there, we shot this short video to say good-bye to outdoor "anything" without clothing.

Bedroom Action  (HD)

I've caught a cold for some reason, even though the weather is still super-hot in Toronto. I'm spending a lot of time in the bedroom. But I'm not too sick to talk to you guys, which I love doing. And that always makes me hot & horny. So have a look at what happened this day... ;-)

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Brent, Mitch, Head  (HD)

If oral action is what you love, this is one of the hottest scenes on the site. Brent and Steve met Mitch, who's from Mexico, at a club and they all hit it right off. So Mitch visited them at Brent's place and the two of them went right at it with poor Steve stuck behind the camera. Take a look.

Art or Sex?  (HD)

Summer is done here, so it's more indoor time from now on. I'm frantically preparing for my art exhibition, my first gallery showing which opens in Toronto on November 18th. Just took some time off from painting to do this live webcam show with you. I really needed this bit of decompression!! :-P


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