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NEW VIDEO: In the Shower Agaain  (HD)

This is the high-definition version of the shower webcam show from about year ago that we thought had been lost. It's quite different and longer than the one uploaded before which was a videocapture. So, not only is the video quality very much higher but you get to see more of what happened since it was filmed from a different point of view. It's hot! Enjoy...

Added: January 13, 2019


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Brent & Dimitri in the Games Room (HD)

My pal Dimitri and I got together to shoot this scene just a few days before I left Toronto to fly to the Caribbean to visit my parents. We'd planned to do this for quite a while but had trouble finding the time. It was a hot shoot and we had fun doing it. It's a rare bareback video. 

 "Talking" with Brandon (HD)

Here I am in the Caribbean and I'm spending a lot of time in my bedroom instead of on the beach. It's keeping me very horny. This day I was skyping with my fan Brandon from North Carolina getting to know each other better and talking about what we liked and, of course, turning each other on.


Many of you have asked for this, so I'm finally giving in. Because some of you can't make my live xxx webcam shows, I'm now offering you private ONE-ON-ONE SKYPE shows as well.

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Brandon Wilde in the Caribbean (HD)

The last time Brandon visited me in the Caribbean we shot a few scenes together. This one started out with the two of us together on the beach. But Brandon had to continue by himself around the pool because the beach was too busy. He really went all out. Go ahead, keep him company!

 In the Backyard  (HD)

I shot this video in my parents' backyard. So I had to be a bit quieter than usual because there's a road on the other side of the fence and a lot of people walk or ride bikes on the island. It's the height of the busy tourist season here, so privacy is a bit of a problem now. Still, I managed, lol.

 A Very Messy Bedroom   (HD)

My bedroom was a mess that morning. I didn't feel like fixing it. I wanted to go to the beach instead. Who wouldn't feel the same? But I was horny as hell. So I thought, why not jerk off quickly and film it as well so I could share it with you, lol. After that, I spent a lot of time on the beach and relaxed...


Eric Takes it up a Notch

Brandon Wilde visits Brent

Brent with Friends



Cade Rivers

Kayden Hart