Site Requirements


Most operating systems are compatible with the site, including Macs. Please note that when using a Mac to view the website you should have all the proper required software listed below downloaded for your specific operating system.

For PCs, the most flexible operating system available is Windows 7 (Home Premium or better).


High speed internet access like Broadband, DSL & Cable Internet are strongly recommended.

Please note that dial up internet users will experience long download times and frequent buffering for videos.

Therefore we do not recommend dial up internet access.


The website works with Internet Explorer v6+, Firefox v2+, Safari v3+, and Google Chrome. We recommend the use of Firefox v3+ for most users. This browser is more versatile and responds faster than the other browsers listed (especially Internet Explorer v7).

(Other browsers are not recommended for this site, as some funtions (video streaming, etc.) may not work correctly.


Windows Media Player v9 or higher. The current version of WMP is v11 (Version 12 for Windows 7 users) and is the preferred version.


The Apple QuickTime Player v7 is the current version. Here's a link. to Apple. This is a free download.


Adobe Flash Player v9 or higher. To participate in Brent's Live Webcam Shows, you need to install the latest version of the Flash Player. Here's a link to Adobe. The Flash Player is a free download.


FIREFOX ADD-ON: Launchy v.4.2

Launchy will enable you to open the Windows Media Player and stream videos, rather than waiting for them to download first. The videos on are currently available in Embedded Windows Media Players. To play these you do not need Launchy. The download link is here strictly for your convenience, Here's the link to the Launchy download page.

FIREFOX ADD-ON: Plugin for Windows Media Player

This Windows Media Player plugin for Firefox will enable you to view a video immediately (streaming) rather than forcing you to wait for a download to complete before a stand-alone player opens.

After it's installed, click on Tools in the Firefox menu bar, select Content/File Types, and click on Manage. Scroll down to the Windows Media entries and for each one that says "Open with Windows Media Player", click Change Action, select Use this Plugin "Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic link Library".

Here's the link to the Firefox Addon download page.

Please note: The Windows Media Player (WMP) plugin is not provided by default in all versions of Windows. If you are having trouble playing Windows Media content in Firefox, download and install the Windows Media Player Plugin for Firefox. Here is an alternate download location.


MAC ADD-ON: Windows Media Components for QuickTime by Flip4Mac

With Windows Media Components for QuickTime, by Flip4Mac, you can play Windows Media files (wma and wmv) directly in the QuickTime Player and view Windows Media content on the Internet using a Web browser. Here's the link to the Flip4Mac download page. Windows Media Components for QuickTime has been highly optimized for Power Mac G4 and G5 and Intel computers and supports playback of high-definition Windows Media Video files.


FIREFOX ADD-ON: IE Tab Extension

If you get a "Video Chat Closed" message when trying to access a live webcam show using Firefox 3, install this extension.

To install the Firefox IE Tab from within Firefox:
1. Tools->Add-ons->Get Add-ons
2. Enter "IE Tab" in the Search box, press enter
3. Click "Add To Firefox" button
4. Click "Install Now" button
5. Restart FireFox
6. Browse to the website homepage and switch to IE Tab (click the globe in lower right hand corner)
7. Switch IE Tab off before you leave the website

You can also use this link to access IE Tab.



Since the beginning of 2008, most new videos are being shot and edited with High Definition equipment. However, the resulting videos are currently only uploaded in Standard Definition. When we're able to add Windows Media High Definition files, computer requirements for playback will be quite high.

Minimum Configuration (to play 720p video)

Windows XP +
Windows Media Player 9+ Series
2.4 GHz processor or equivalent
384 MB of RAM
64 MB video card
DVD drive
1024 x 768 screen resolution
16-bit sound card

Optimum Configuration (to play 1080p video with 5.1 surround sound)

Windows XP +
Windows Media Player 9+ Series
DirectX 9.0+
1.8 GHz Intel Core Duo or higher processor (or equivalent);
3.0 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or higher processor (or equivalent)
512 MB of RAM
128 MB video card
DVD drive
1920 x 1440 screen resolution
24-bit 96 kHz multichannel sound card
5.1 surround sound speaker system

For either scenario, an AGP4x-based NVIDIA or ATI video adapter card with the most recent OEM driver updates is also recommended.

If you have Windows 7 (Home Premium or higher) and a suitably high speed internet connection, WMV HD files will stream. MP4 HD files will need to be downloaded to your computer by right-clicking as the MP4 format is not designed for streaming.


Check our FAQ Page

You can read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information & answers by clicking here.


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