On Set

We're in Fort Lauderdale again & I've just finished shooting a scene for Channel 1 Releasing and we're all alone on the set. Naturally we're both very horny from the day's activities, so it doesn't take long for Steve to get into the act with me. Well, I couldn't hold out for very long, but the result was very satisfying. ;-) LOL Duration: 22 min 45 sec

Kayden Hart

Kayden Hart, a BrentEverett.com Exclusive, doing his first live webcam for us. A super-hot, super-sized, super-enthusiastic participant in everything you can think of. What a treat that was, and what a treat for those of you seeing him here for the first time. Watch closely, and be careful what you do! LOL Duration: 21 min 32 sec

Brent & Urijah

Last Tuesday was Urijah's first time with a partner and who better to break him in than Brent! They go at it for quite a while to give this straight marine a taste of the many delights of gay sex. Urijah takes it all, despite feeling a bit of pain in some for him, until now, unusual places. LOL

Brent Shower

Still recovering from our Cayman Islands visit, I decided to do one of my rare shower shows. The pelting water made me horny as hell, and I had loads of fun. I seem to remember those of you who were there had fun too!

Caribbean Sunburn

Steve & I are just back from visiting my parents in the Cayman Islands with really bad sunburns. But that doesn't mean I'm not horny, especially since I'm in front of the living room window where I can be seen from across the street! ;-)

Brent's iLoad

Another christening today - my new iPad. It was a much delayed birthday present from Steve. Delayed, because my birthday is in February and Apple didn't ship its latest money-maker till May! This webcam generated an awful lot of heat - Steve spent almost more time with me than at his task as camera man.

Cade & Justin

For the first time - together: Cade Rivers & Justin Chambers! Many of you have been asking for this. Everyone's favorite, straight married Cade Rivers hooking up with 18 year old hottie Justin Chambers for Justin's first live webcam with a partner. It took a bit of doing to arrange it, but I know you'll love the result!

Dayton & Kayden

When we filmed this scene with Dayton O'Connor and Kayden Hart, the two of them got so wrapped up in each other and created such a hot scene that we couldn't bear to leave most of it on the cutting room floor (well, that's a term left over from when scenes were still shot on film). So, you're getting it in two parts and this is the first one - Dayton & Kayden, Part One

Brent, Steve & Peter

This time I had a surprise visit from Peter Black, a straight friend, during my webcam show. He has one of the biggest uncut dicks Steve and I have ever seen. So, it's no wonder that Steve not only talked him into taking part in the show, but that he couldn't help himself and also got into the act! ;-)


Jay Nyne


Dayton O'Connor

Mark Collins